PX4FLOW optical flow camera for blueROV2

Is the PX4FLOW optical flow camera compatible with the BlueROV2? It can be used in place of a gps for the arducopter so a I am wondering if it works with the ROV as well?

Hello @kamilshamsi2695,

Optical flow cameras on multicopters work by looking at the ground and analyzing how it moves, this enables a better position hold, but it doesn’t replace the GPS enough to support missions.
It also requires a sonar to tell the distance from the ground (to correct for the angular variations of the aircraft)

Since visibility in water is not great, there isn’t much gain from using such a setup with optical flow, you would only be able to use it with a good sight of the seabed and would also require sonar data for seabed distance information.

Our project consists of mostly operating near the seabed. If I do want to try it out, will I be able to use the instructions provided for setting it up for drones (PX4FLOW Optical Flow Camera Board — Copter documentation) as that also uses similar software and hardware setup or will that not work? If not, what would I need to do to set this up on the blueROV?

Thanks for the help!


ArduSub has the necessary code to run with optical flow sensors, I’m not sure if anyone have already performed any test with it though.
Maybe @jwalser can help with more information.

I’ve not heard any results of attempts with optical flow + ardusub. I expect it to not work.

See here for past discussion: