Pixhawk does not communicate + supported power module smoking

I was calibrating the joystick, after the calibration was done, I started to arm the system.
I guess i used the wrong button or the joystick was not calibrate in the right way, the T200 motors started to run super fast suddenly and i saw smoking came out from the Supported power module.

Not only the supported power module was not working anymore, but also the pixhawk can not communicate as well. i even tried to connect the Pixhawk to my PC directly via USB, and it still does not communicate

For the Supported power module, i have ordered a new one. I worry about the Pixhawk more.

So question, is it possible that the Pixhawk was damaged (burned? idk). how can i check it? if i need to buy a new one, where can i get it? Did ArduSub runs on Pixhawk 2.4.8? or it has to be Pixhawk 1.


Hello, I’m very sorry that you have had trouble with the hardware like this!

The best way to check the pixhawk, is to remove the USB cable connecting it to the pi, and plug it directly to your computer with a usb cable, and see if it connects to QGC.

Please contact support@bluerobotics.com, and we will be happy to send you replacements.

To answer the question, and fyi for anyone else reading this. ArduSub will run on the pixhawk 2.4.8 and 2.4.6 that can be found in places like ebay and banggood, but I recommend the 2.4.6 not the 2.4.8. The ‘upgrade’ in 2.4.8, vs 2.4.6 is that they have removed many components and replaced many components with cheaper ones.

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Thanks for the reply.

I did try to plug the Pixhawk to the PC via USB directly, it did not work, i will need to get a new one.

Also, the power module heats up very fast when i was using it and it seems can not handle instant big current.
What i am guess the reasons is that when the T200 motors runs up during my test, a instant big current cased the power module to fail, the 12V outputs went to the Pixhawk directly.

During the normal operation, it is hard to avoid instant heavy uses of those T200 motors, i am afraid the same problem will happen again during the real operation underwater.

That is one of my concern.

Thanks again .


To clarify, are you using a BlueROV2, or making your own ROV?

Can you show a picture or link of the power module? There are many variations out there, and like the pixhawk 2.4.8, some of them cut corners on the components, so the specification is not as good as they say.

I am using a BlueROV2, and i took a picture of the power module from outside of the tube.


Ok, this should definitely not have happened. Please email support@bluerobotics.com, and we will send you replacements.

Ok, thanks for the help again.