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Can't communicate with pixhawk

(Darrell Brandon Knape) #1

The other day I was testing out a few things with the blueROV2. I was powering the entire system with a power supply. When I was running the thrusters I basically experienced a brown out and pulled the power supply bus down. Silly mistake. Now basically I am getting an IO error state from the pixhawk and cannot connect to it through qgroundcontrol or directly through its usb . Any suggestion? I have tried resetting the sd card but that did not help. Thanks in advance.

(Luis Gamez) #2

Try to listen carefully for the bips you have at the beginning. Then take a look at the power module of your pixhawk check the output Voltage if your module is burnt then you might have burnt your pixhawk too.

You can also try a few steps on the ardusub documentation

(Jacob) #3

Darrell, it sounds like the pixhawk is damaged, and possibly the power module too. Can you measure the voltage output of the 6wire cable connecting the power module to the pixhawk? Measure the voltage between wires 1 and 6.

(Darrell Brandon Knape) #4

Hey guys, thanks for the help. For the record I get 3 beeps on start up. And the power module is not giving me voltage between pins 1 to 6. So, ya I think that the power module is burnt out as well. Darn, thanks for the help. I am just going to order a new power module and pixhawk. Is there anything else that I should look out for because of this incident?

(Jacob) #5

Darrell, we have had problems with this part. Can you please email support@bluerobotics.com and explain in a little more detail what you were doing when it broke? Send a picture of the power module as well.

(Darrell Brandon Knape) #6

Okay cool, I will