Having troubles new unit setup

Recently connected power cable. I have received a popup in the app. I have attempted to upload a image of the system test output?
I have no motor function. or camera servo but I do have visual.
New to all of this, thanks for any assistance.


Hi Don,

Are you using the last Blue Robotics version of QGC (rev-6) ?
You can download it here.

Hi Patrick, I am on V3.2.4 REV 6.

Patrick , On the pixhawk the two power lights are on, the B/E light on the right hand side is orange on power up then goes out, the ACI light next to it is continuous blue flashing. The main power light is flashing blue on standby, steady blue when active. The light and video works but no motor is active or camera servo. I also did a software update, but still no joy. Can you suggest where i can go from here.

Hey Don, I’ve sent you a PM to get some more direct troubleshooting support.

Don’s problem was a missing power supply for the camera servo (missed in production). The messages in the fist post are expected, and everything else is working after I verified the correct configuration.

Jacob, Will this also get my motors going , as there also inactive. Don

@don3one7 I’m sorry, this was not clear to me when we were together. Please send me a private message to suggest a time to meet again.

Jacob, I’ve only just found the schematics of my unit and it shows U1 - UBEC, which I have , but U5 - UBEC which I don’t have , which connects the power to the SBUS on the Pixhawk. Is this part required for my unit and is it the part your sending me? We can wait till the part arrives early next week and meet up then. don

Yes, this is it.

Part received and all operational.