Camera servo not working

Good afternoon.

Recently, I’ve replaced the pixhawk from a bluerov2 recently, and a few days ago I had made a test of it’s functions, and everything was running fine.

However, now the servo from the camera is not working, and I’ve reinstalled the firmware and qgroundcontrol, and I’ve also checked the connections, and I can’t seem to find the error. I’ll attach some pictures of the connections. I would appreciate if I could get some help on the issue, since I’ve tried everything I could think of and what was mentioned before.

Thanks for your attention.

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The last two pictures are because at first I thought that the orientation of the wires were wrong, so I swapped them however that didn’t fix the problem either.

Hi @mjhl96,

Sorry you’re having issues! There are a few possibilities here and your pictures are very helpful but I can’t quite see everything clearly.

In some of the later pictures, the servo connector is definitely upside down. The black wire should be towards the top of the Pixhawk and the yellow wire should be at the bottom. Flipping that around shouldn’t have damaged anything though.

In your first picture, it looks like the 5v power from the BEC power supply is connected to the “RC IN” channel. If I remember correctly, that’s the only channel that isn’t connected to the rest of the 5v rail. You can move that to the “SBUS” position and that will be better. Here’s a picture showing what I mean (note that the servo plug is in the correct orientation here):

Let me know if that fixes it!