Servo now working

I have used the RC input and output guide to configure my servos but they still do not work. I have connected the servos to my arduino and they work fine. I am unsure what the issue might be. There is a setting in the parameters that i am unclear in what to select please assist me. I have a competition in 3 days and i need to get this sorted ASAP.

Hi @cerealkiller2527, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Servo motors (like the one used in our Camera Tilt System), can be controlled on AUX pins 1-3 using the servo_n_... joystick button functionalities - you shouldn’t need to set any parameters for that manually.

If for some reason you have more than 3, you can control additional ones on the MAIN pins (or the other AUX pins) by using the camera and lights controls, but that’s generally not required.

Note that the servo rails on the Pixhawk aren’t powered internally, so you’ll need to supply power to them directly (we normally power the Pixhawk via the servo rail, so that’s generally not an issue on our vehicles, but may be if you’re using a custom setup).

Hey, @EliotBR thanks a lot for your response that was the issue. God knows how many hours i spent fixing such a simple thing. That’s debugging for you i guess

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