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How do you set up the camera gimbal servo on QGC (Ardusub) using an MRO Pixhawk

I am using

  • QGroundControl version 3.2.4
  • Ardusub Firmware Type 3.5.2
  • MRO Pixhawk
  • Micro Analog Servo
  • Logitech F310 Controller

The problem is that i am not able to set up my gimbal for my camera on my ROV. on my computer, when i go to the camera tab in the vehicle setup column, i do not see the gimbal settings, angle set points or the stabilize feature. i knew it was supposed to have it because in the ardusub documentation for setting up the gimbal, it had those features. (you can see that in bullet #1 below). i assume that this this the main problem for why i am not able to control my gimbal servo. Another thing i should also put out is that i was not able to download the Blue ROV2 Parameters on to QGC so that could also be a reason why. Big thanks to everybody helping :grinning:


this is how the camera setting look on my computer

Hi Jay,

Please visit: Application Settings->General->Show Advanced options.

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I don’t see an “Advanced Options” but i do see an “Advanced Settings” button
BTW thank you very much for helping :sweat_smile:

NEVER MIND all of the gimbal settings came up but how do you get the servo to move. i am currently having a lot of trouble trying to get to happen

  1. Put a 5V supply on the servo rail to power the servo
  2. Plug the servo into any output other than Aux5 or Aux6
  3. Choose the channel that the servo is connected to for ‘output’
  4. Choose channel 8 for ‘input’
  5. Assign joystick buttons for mount_tilt_up/down

thank you very much. everything worked out. if i want to add more servos then do i just plug it in or do i have to change some settings

Yes, you need to change some settings. It depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Study the parameter documentation here.

all i want to do is to control an underwater servo with buttons on my joystick but i dont see any parameters that fit that descriptions. i am 3d printing a gripper claw so i can pick stuff and move them around underwater. it is actually for the MATE competition so is there a way to hold a button on my controller to open and close it.

You can set up joystick buttons to control a servo https://www.ardusub.com/operators-manual/full-parameter-list.html#btnn-parameters

Servo_n controls the output channel Aux_n on the Pixhawk.

There will be some more options for ‘holding down’/momentary control in an upcoming software release.

hi jacob.
ı want to explain RC8 what the meaning?

Hi @esatkrkyy, your question is not clear. You can read about it here.

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Thank you Jacop for RC inputs meaning.Now gimball tilt working but gimball pan is not working.Help me please.

Gimbal pan is not implemented. It will be available in the next stable version.

Thanks for your reply.How can I use more than one servo?

You can use as many servos as there are available slots.
What is your goal?
Your questions are not very clear, so I don’t understand what you want to know.

thank you VERY much. everything is working smoothly :smiley::smiley::smiley:

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I am sorry for my english.
I want to 5 servos control and 1 lights control in pixhawk.And I can only use gimball tilt.I tried gimball pan but servo is not work.
Thank you.

Why do you need 5 servos? What will they be used for?

I already told you why gimbal pan does not work:

I want to use to 1 servo for camera, 4 servo for gripper(2 servo up and down,1 servo for open and close,1 servo for turning).My main out is full.So I use to 8 motors.
I was understand your answer but how can I use to 5 servo?