Can’t find my Camera setup option in vehicle setup

I don’t know why i can’t find the “Camera” setup option even though the video streaming works well

And i have another confusing question. When I connect my joystick through Bluetooth, the Joystick setup will show up, but i wonder if it is only a joystick can be used. Because i can’t change the joystick to a RC controller like a Microzone MC6 controller. Is the problem because the firmware “ArduSub”? Maybe ArduCopter Arduplane don’t have this limit. But i m trying to build a ROV, so may be i can’t change the firmware.

Finally i solved it!!!

I reinstalled the QGC, and the Camera setup showed up.Even though I don’t know how to set the camera servo parameters for joystick control :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hi @ChaseXI -
What parameters for camera servo control are you trying to setup? If you are trying to link it to a particular button, you can do that from the joystick button setup menu in QGround Control.
RC Controllers are not supported by ArduSub because radio waves don’t penetrate water! Thus an RC controller wouldn’t work once the vehicle went beneath the surface…

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Thank you very much for your detailed explanation, Mr. Tony.
I m trying to control a dual-servo 2-degree-of-freedom system for pitch and horizontal rotation movements. This system has a camera mounted on top. Currently, I’m unsure how to connect the wires for the two servos and how to set the parameters. Specifically, my six thrusters are using MAIN OUT channels 1-6. So, if I want to use MAIN OUT channels 7 and 8 or AUX OUT for my servos, how should I set the parameters? I’m a bit confused about the mapping between the inputs from the controller and the outputs from the Pixhawk. For example, I want to control the two servos mentioned above using the trigger buttons on a PS4 controller (there is no feedback for the trigger buttons (R2 L2) in QGC’s Joystick setup). How should I set this up?

Additionally, I encountered a new issue today. My frame is not currently among the default settings in Ardusub, so I need to customize it. However, I found that the developer version of Ardusub is 4.6.0 (the stable version is 4.1.2), which leads QGC to warn me that ‘‘Parameters are missing from firmware, You may be running a version of firmware which is not fully supported or your firmware has a bug in it, Missing params: 1:BRD _PWM_COUNT’’. I don’t know how to develop using version 4.1.2 (I followed the development tutorial on, and my custom frame currently works fine based on actual tests). Also, I saw in the Ardusub GitHub releasenote.txt that since version 4.1.2 on February 4, 2024, Ardusub has added support for additional joystick axes for roll/pitch. However, in my QGC joystick setup, it still only shows Yaw, Throttle, Forward, and Lateral.

Hi @ChaseXI
I’d caution against trying to use ArduSub 4.6.0, there are many chanes between 4.1.2 and 4.5 in ArduPilot.

Is this the documentation you’re referring to for custom frame setup?

As for your servos, it sounds like you’re using a pixhawk flight controller?

Apologies, this link was intended to be included in my original response. You can control up to three servo signals with your Game Controller and ArduSub. You can map the trigger buttons number to correspond to Servo_#inc / Servo#_dec to step the output by intervals.
The R2/L2 buttons are not supported by QGround Control, but they are supported in Cockpit!