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How do you set up the camera gimbal servo on QGC (Ardusub) using an MRO Pixhawk

(Jacob) #21

There is support for only 3 ‘generic’ servos, which is what you would need for the gripper. Check the joystick button functions for servo*.


(Jacob) #22

Check here for an explanation: https://www.ardusub.com/operators-manual/outputs.html

(Sergio) #23

Hi Jacob, I am using the heavy configuration with 8 thrusters and I can not operate the servo of the camera, the channels available in the software QGC go from 5 to 14, in the documentation of blue robotics indicate that you have to connect to channel 2 … How I can make this work
Best Regards

(Jacob) #24

There are 8 main channels (1-8) and 6 auxillary channels (9-14).
Aux channel 2 is RC channel 10.

Have you gone through the brov2 heavy assembly and software setup? This should contain everything you need to do, step by step (notice there is no mention of needing to pick out the gimbal channels manually).