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QGC Servos and Lights not working with Remote Control

We recently just got our rov up and running again, and are currently trying to configure a wired Logitech controller. However, we cannot find any input for our BlueRobotics Grippers(2), Camera servo, and Lights(2). We can see the lights connected, but they aren’t turning on. We know that on QGC there should be a button on the side for servo configuration, but that isn’t appearing. We doubled checked the signals going into the Pixhawk, and everything seems to be in the correct pins. We just can’t see any output for the camera servo and grippers, and we cant manipulate the lights either. Please let us know if theres anything else we can do. We have updated the firmware as well. I saw one post where the servo connector can be upside down and it may not work, so we will try that on Thursday when we can work with the bot. Otherwise, we don’t really know what else could be wrong.
Thank you for your help in advance!


You don’t see these buttons in QGC?
Can you check what version of QGC and ArduSub you are using?

We see those buttons, but nothing actually functions, even when we change output pins and such. We do not see the Servo button we should see to control the grippers.