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No motors tab on the sidebar or servo control for Newton gripper in QGC

I have installed the latest version of QGC, updated my pixhawk and I still can"t see the Motors tab on the sidebar in QGC. Nor can I see the servo control option under the buttons function for the Newton gripper. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

Hello john ,

In QGroundControl title bar appears “QGroundControl v3.2.4-BlueRobotics-Rev6” ?
The vehicle appears as a submarine type when you flash ardusub ?

Hi Patrick

yes, it is QGC version 3.2.4. blue robotics-rev 6 but I am not sure what you mean regarding flashing ardusub to check if it the submarine type.


ArduSub icon will appears in the right top corner and the BlueRov icon will appear in QGC map.
Can you check if you are running the last ArduSub version ? You can check it in “Summary” → “Frame”, and update it in “Firmware”.

hi Patrick

I found the problem and now it works fine. I was relying on the ardusub site for the update for the Pixhawk and actually it doesnt detect that your version is out of date which according to their instructions, it should. I had therefore assumed I had the current version when in fact I hadnt.

thanks for your patience and time.


John Griffiths

My QGC hasn’t this title.
Where can I download the last version with BlueRobotics icon?

Hi Daniel,
Here is the download link to Blue Robotics QGC.

Ok Willian.

Daniel, please refer to our product documentation and setup instructions, the links in our product documentation are always up to date.

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