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Camera Tilt Set Up On AUX 1

(Zachary Pennington) #1


I am currently building an ROV that utilizes 8 motors and thus all 8 of the main out pins on the pixhawk. Because of this I chose to connect the camera pan servo to the AUX 1 pin. However, I am having trouble configuring QGC to operate the camera gimbal servo.


(Jacob) #2

Take a look at the Camera tab of the Vehicle Setup page. For tilt configuration, the input channel should remain channel 8 and the output channel should be set to channel 9 (aux1)

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(Zachary Pennington) #4

Thanks for the quick reply! I tried exactly what you described and I have also been over the camera setup section in depth and I have had no luck with the camera tilt. I also tried setting the MNT_JSTCK_SPEED parameter to 100. Still no luck.

(Jacob) #5

Do you have a power supply connected to the servo rail? There is no +5V on the rail unless you put it there yourself.

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