Lights and Camera channels

Hello all!

Recently we have taken our water-linked GPS unit out of ROV and since then we haven’t been able to work the lights or camera tilt function. When we had to GPS in we had to change channels.

Wondering if anyone knows the correct channel the lights and camera should be connected to on Qground control?

Hi @ruthduncan,

That’s dependent on your vehicle configuration, but is most likely either


Parameter Value
SERVO13_FUNCTION 59 (RCIN9 - Lights 1 Level)
SERVO16_FUNCTION 7 (MountTilt - Camera)


Parameter Value
SERVO9_FUNCTION 7 (MountTilt - Camera)
SERVO10_FUNCTION 59 (RCIN9 - Lights 1 Level)

If you have a clear enclosure (or if you open it) you should be able to see which servo output pins the relevant wires are connected to - the lights use a single yellow wire, and the camera tilt servo uses a three-coloured black-red-yellow ribbon cable. Note that on a Pixhawk AUX OUT pins 1-6 correspond to SERVOn_FUNCTIONs 9-15.