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Controller Mapping and Camera/Light Control

(Jeff Snyder) #1

Hello everyone,

Here is how we have our lights, camera, and hand controller set-up in QGC. I made some changes from the typical set-up to get the mapping closer to something with which I am familiar.

Joystick Mapping:

Camera SetUp

Light SetUp

I have control over my Lumen LEDs the way I went them on buttons Y and A. And I can use the Back Button for Manual Mode, the X Button for Stabilized, and the B Button for Depth Hold.

I use the Start Button to toggle the Arm/Disarm function. Plus I can use the up/down touchpad to gain up/down. Touchpad left-right is currently disabled.

The problem is that I have no control over camera tilt up/down on the index finger buttons on top of the controller, and I’m fairly certain I screwed up the camerasetup. Can you provide any feedback on that?


(Jacob) #2

Can you go to Widgets->Mavlink Inspector and expand the fields that say RC_CHANNELS_RAW and SERVO_OUTPUT_RAW, let us know if the numbers for channel 8 in either of those change when you push the tilt buttons.

Do you have a 5V input on the servo rail, is the red wire on at least one of the ESCs connected to the Pixhawk?


(Jeff Snyder) #3

Yes, there is definitely a 5V input on the servo rail. We’ve got a single red wire coming from an ESC and then the one red wire that supplies the camera tilt mechanism.

I changed the Gimbal Setting to Type: “Servo” and Default Mode: “RC Targeting” and rebooted the vehicle. I now have positive control of the vehicle for all functions.