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Ardusub Camera Pan and Tilt Functionality

(Ian Wilson) #1

I was looking at the ArduSub page and noticed that there seems to be a pan/tilt functionality listed under the joystick button functions/camera control section(https://www.ardusub.com/operators-manual/button-functions.html). It specifically states that it is not implemented, but is it currently available in the current dev build of ardusub? This would be preferable to a fisheye lens for our MATE ROV, as we have to be able to see a connector on the side of our robot, and mounting a separate camera is not an option for us.

Camera Tilt Set Up On AUX 1
(Jacob) #2

Tilt is implemented, pan is not. If you need pan, let me know and I can bump it up the todo list.

(Johan) #3

Yes please, pan is needed for the next project.

(Ian Wilson) #4

It would help a great deal for this to be implemented, as both functions would help tremendously, especially if it is implemented sometime before April, when the MATE competitions begin, thanks.

(Jacob) #5

(Jacob) #6

This has been implemented in master.


Hi, what’s the input for the recently implemented pan?

(Jacob) #8

You can assign joystick buttons to pan right and left, in the same manner as tilt.


What is the input channel for the pan function?

(Jacob) #10

Channel 7 https://www.ardusub.com/operators-manual/rc-input-and-output.html