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Towed ROV with ArduSub?

(Aleksander Øyen) #1

We are building a towfish type ROV and I am using a pixhawk to controll it.
The frame has two rudders in the front, aileron/elevators, v-tail and two thrusters.

the rudders are mainly there to be able to move the towfish out of centre from the boat during towing.
ailevators to control roll and altitude/depth.
vtail to stabilize pitch and course/yaw.
thrusters are there mainly to test a theory :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been looking around the documentation for ardusub but I don’t really find any info around control surfaces and towed application.
I am using bluerobotics pressure sensor for depth control.

Am I better of just using arduplane, or is there a way to make this work in ardusub, or have I just overlooked some info in the documentation?

(Jacob) #2

Cool! Do you have a picture of the vehicle?

There is no concept of control surfaces or ‘forward flying’ type vehicle in ArduSub right now, but it may be adapted to work. You would need to produce a custom frame configuration as outlined here. This configures the outputs depending on the forces they produce on the vehicle when actuated. ROVs produce roll movement by actuating thrusters, you will do it by actuating control surfaces. This will only work for you when the vehicle is moving forward, but I think it can work while the ArduSub firmware is blind to this detail.

There is some discussion on a similar topic here:

(Aleksander Øyen) #3

I can share pictures of our 1:4 scale prototype in a couple of weeks, it is currently under a NDA.
we are using Ardusub on our prototype, final product will have a system we will build from the ground up.

I will take a look at the info you provided and do some testing :slight_smile: thank you!