Underactuated finned sub frame advice


I am trying to see if I can use Ardusub to control an under-actuated sub setup (no roll control). My frame setup consists of 2 pairs of fins (one pitch control and one for yaw) and a rear mounted thruster for forward and reverse control. Right now there doesn’t seem to be any existing frames similar to my setup so I’m thinking I may need to make a custom frame. I am especially curious on how I can capture the coupled nature of the actuators; it can only pitch and yaw with the fins when the robot is moving forward/backward (no instantaneous yaw or pitch).

Another solution I’m considering is maybe using ArduboAny ideas or help/advice on which may be an easier is much appreciated!at as this has similar control schemes via rudder control. Any ideas or help/advice on which may be an easier implementation is much appreciated!

Hi @nmankame, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

ArduRover (and its ArduBoat sub-type) are intended for vehicles travelling on a surface, so there’s no built in concept of vertical control, which would be problematic for a submarine vehicle.

If you wanted to use a non-sub firmware ArduPlane may be your best bet, since there’s built in control surface support and the forward/backward thruster is kind of like a plane propeller, but there may be nuances/complexities with getting the “propeller” to support bidirectional control (since in a plane scenario it’s generally not expected to need to run your propeller backwards).