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Heavy upgrade parameters

(Mark Langille) #1

Similar issue today after heavy upgrade. Here are settings that worked.

Lights are set to a Channel 9 on our configuration however.

Camera Tilt Set Up On AUX 1
(Jacob) #2

Did you load the parameter file that was provided in the setup instructions? Did you reboot after loading the file?

(Mark Langille) #3

Yes the new param file. And did reboot but camera was not working. Everything else seemed fine.

(Jacob) #4

I’ve just verified that the settings in the file are correct, could you try again please? It should make these two corrections as well: your servo reverse should be ticked, the servo limits should be 1100-1900.

(Mark Langille) #5

The pic is my working settings so I’m good. I changed the limits from the defaults as I have 2 cameras mounted on the servo so had to reduce the tilt for contact.