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No Camera tilt up or down

I lost my camera tilt the other day, I think it is the Parameters in the Joy stick button assignment, i accidently set the parameter default and and had to go through and reset everything. I got everything going again but the camera tilt. I checked the wiring in BR tube and everything seemed ok. What are the Camera Parameter settings for the Camera Tilt? , Buttons 9 and 10 are buttons assigned to my Logitech Controller. but what parameters should i insert for the Tilt.

Any Help appreciated

Hi Jim,

I believe you’re after the mount_tilt_up and mount_tilt_down commands, visible in your third photo. It may also be relevant to go into the Camera tab on the left side, and make sure the camera mount is set to the Pixhawk output port you’ve plugged it into. If you’re using a standard BlueROV2 then the camera tilt servo will be plugged in to Main channel 8 of the Pixhawk. For other configurations you’ll want to refer to the channel numbering, as specified in the ArduSub documentation.

Thanks Eliot, i will give that a try

Checked all the settings and parameters, in buttons settings , they were all alright, went to Camera settings camera Checked the main settings, they were alright. Went to advanced settings in Camera,
Found that the Gimbal setting was set to none, swapped none for Servo and works fine now Dont know how that happened.

Thanks Eliot

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Awesome, thanks for the update Jim. Glad you managed to sort it out :slight_smile: