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New frame same system, but upgrade to heavy? ,.,.Not working

what to say?..ALL is wrong?..calibrate Joystick?..
cant do… Nothing is in Place?..any New assignment plan? ,where is pan til for cam? i see lights are at Servo 2… ? Pixhawk died too? Fathom x(topside)? … borrowed another one…. any advise??? 5 time the system is on! :frowning:

Hello Christian,

What exactly is not working?
Do you have the correct frame setup? Have you checked the motors directions after the upgrade?
The camera setup is explained here.

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Yes correct setup for frame and all trusters work! dont find for eksempel tilt for cam?, finally i found lights and how to Control,and gripper.… so i Guess Now, im looking for alll channels that have been rearranged, i have Picture now, Gain i cant get to 25% only 50 and 100%… for now i dont have moore questions… ahhh its been a loong night…:slight_smile: tnx for info;) ….trying to assign Tilt to another channel but dont work?..it allways goes back to tilt Mount and that dont work? …anyone?

…getting there🏴‍☠️

…a few steps further… 1 of 2 servos work🤮…had a 500Mps PoE, but it burned after 20 sek😭…but amazed… it was Plug and play… No installation or network stress😅… but so far so Good… Soon time to Get Wet and show som secrets i have in store for people🏴‍☠️

…still struggle with servo settings, but Will be there … hopefully i have the right setup now​:sweat_smile:…waiting for a bigger servo for the Newton gripper…2DOF :pray::sweat_smile:

…Folie…no paint;)