Heavy Upgrade Buildout

Started on the heavy upgrade today as our kit arrived this morning.

Only item of note so far is I would suggest test mounting the motor guards to predrill the two center mounting holes before mounting the motors as the screws do not self tap easily and our existing frame didn’t have predrilled holes for these.


Looking good, Mark! The holes you mention should be in the frame already. You’re talking about the two holes for self-tapping screws above the guard, right? Maybe they were missed on your frame.


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Correct, the ones for the self tapping 2 center points. Ours were missing, not a big deal but wanted to mention it in case others ran into it.

Finished the hardware side. Still have to update software and test but need to finish ground station setup first.


@schoonerlabs Looks great! Let us know if you have any more feedback with the instructions or if more clarity would be appropriate anywhere. We know it’s a bit of an involved retrofit.

I think overall for anyone that’s already done a BlueROV2 build the upgrade is pretty straight forward. Biggest job is fitting all the wiring in the enclosure. The external cable management is a bit easier with the extra room with the top thruster location.

Really like the look with the side wings of the heavy.

Only real downside is the added size makes it hard to get a case for.

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