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Beginning a new build

(Todd Sparkes) #1

Out of the box - Just received my shipment. Beginning the new build today. I am sure I will have lots of questions. Anybody that has any tips or lessons learned please feel free to share.

(TCIII) #2

Welcome to the Blue Robotics Forum and this is the place to find out what and what not to do when assembling your BlueROV2.
Take you time and read and re-read the BlueROV2 assembly instructions at each step of the assembly. If something is not clear, please do not hesitate to ask for clarification.

(undersearobotics.com) #3

Here’s my list of recommendations:


Especially number 8 on that list. If you remove the electronics tray from the rear end cap, -instead- of removing the endcap’s plate, you will be able to give the housing a vacuum test before final assembly and not have to pull all those screws with thread lock on them. This step will save you lots of time and hassles.

(Mark Langille) #4

As Paul mentioned a critical item is the vacuum test before the final assembly as it can be a pain to try and address at the end.

(TCIII) #5

Without the Electronics Tray or Batteries in their respective WTCs, I was able to pull a 540 mm Hg vacuum for around 24 hours with only the loss of 20 mm Hg. Though I did not have the tether attached to the end cap.

(Todd Sparkes) #6

The build is going pretty good. I have the ROV built except I am waiting on the correct brackets for the electronics enclosure so I can’t install the buoyancy yet. The light brackets could use a bit more beef to give them extra thread. Also I am waiting on the RG45 to USB adapter. I did have one issue yesterday. I unpacked my charger only to discover the model I purchased requires a DC power supply. Anyway I had to order online a 12Vdc 60 amp power supply from HobbyKing. Does anybody know if using 4 lights has a major impact on battery life as opposed to using 2 lights?

(TCIII) #7

Re: The Lumens. Four Lumens will draw double the current (4 amp peak vs 2 amp peak) of two Lumens and will obviously suck the battery down faster.