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The Orange BlueROV2 Build!

(David) #1

Hey guys,

So far the BlueROV2 I have is coming along great the quality of the kit has blown me away. Had you put this down in front of me and said it was 5 times the cost I wouldn’t have batted an eye, its really more than other small commercial grade ROV’s like the Outland and Video Ray.

Currently I’m waiting for my 10,000Mah 14.8v Lipo’s to come home to finish off the sub’s construction (for now!) but wondering about a few things; Has anyone tried to build a kellems grip for the tether instead of using the anchor point (similar to a Chinese finger trap) to allow equal pull on the stern of the ROV instead of just the one point?

To help with spotting the sub on surface I used Plastikote primer and then a nice Hi-visibility orange to help it be seen, getting some Solas tape too to help with visibility under and on the water, it also helps reflect Sonar targets too as I’ll be operating near a Seaeye Falcon with the wee beastie :slight_smile:


(Kevin) #2

Excellent work David, love the paintjob and I’m glad someone else too the chance customizing theirs! Hope you enjoy it and can’t wait to see it with its bigger brother.