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Sneak Peak at my ROV system

(Heinz) #1

After many weeks of careful construction and some small problems I finally got it all working and will be doing some open water dives. Here’s a sneak peak at my setup ready for another test dive. The ROV works well and the stability is incredible. The BlueRobotics team has put together something special here.

Muchas Gracias BlueRobotics


(undersearobotics.com) #2

Looks good Heinz! Looking forward to some amazing video from some of those awesome dive sites near you!

(TCIII) #3


Yes, looks nice and neat!

If you are using the BR tether cable, what is the size of the drum you have the cable wound on?

I have 75 m of the BR tether.



(Heinz) #4

TCIII its a large reel, I foresee a 200m tether in my near future on that reel with no problems as that’s 100m with room for more.

(Rusty) #5

Looks great, Heinz. Those cases worked out really nicely.


(Heinz) #6

Thanks Rusty

(TCIII) #7


Where did you purchase your tether reel?



(Heinz) #8

TCIII I cant recall I was getting a lot of stuff then

(Espen) #9

Love your set up Heinz!

Where did you get the Pelican Cases from?
Is it intigrated with tether reel - looks like you can slide it up and down?

Best Regards

(Tim Pierce) #10

If you want a slightly smaller one, 3d printer fillament spools are that size, but narrower, and could be extended wider if you replace the center spindle. I have about 30 of them in a pile at the moment.

(Heinz) #11

hell Buckwe,

I got the pelican cases from Ebay. The tether reel is permanently attached to the case and I have made knotches on the case so the tether can pay out with the lid closed.



(Tim Pierce) #12

Is there a model number on the bigger case, or can you post the dimensions?

(Espen) #13

Now i see the hole for the tether as well - nice!

This is perfect for BlueRov2! :slight_smile:

Do you have a link og a name for searching on eBay?


(Roy Petter Dyrdahl Torgersen) #14

Love the set-up @force10windsurf