My build with some minor adjustments

I Bought a Schill spool from Germany to use as tetherdrum and slipring from China and drilled a hole in senter to be able to get the cables out. I have attached a 10m deckcable directly from the sliprings and to the fathom-x board inside a closed box to minimize the risk for waterpenetration in connectors and this alowes me to have the fathom card close to the computer in dry invirements. I also bought a nice small cellum grip for the tether and made a senterpoint for it to be attached to.

I also installed some small brackets to keep the battery enclosure secured during diving.
The reason for my lightmount solotion was to minimize the risk of damaging them on the outside.

I have allready ordered two BR switches to be able to power it down without taking the batty out.


Hi Svein,

Nice setup! I am looking for something similar setup myself. Can I ask your tether length and the size of the Schill spool?

Thanks, I have 100m tether, but it will easy take 150m. Here is the link to the spool: Schill GT 380.SO Black – Thomann UK

Nice work!

System is finished and ready for work now. Got the BR2 kit 3 weeks ago and already completed my first job with it. Very satisfied with the whole “Bluerobotics package” including the forum and all good inputs along the way, thanks!
The fist job was to locate dropped stoneblocks in a dock, nice job!


@SHS - Wow, very nice! I like the transport containers and spool. That looks very good.

Thanks for sharing.

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Hey @SHS

Where did you get those bolts for your battery enclosure, I´ve been looking for them with no luck :frowning:


It looks like threaded rod.

4mm Threaded rods. Modified some Gopro screws and installed Threaded nuts in them to get it easy on/off. Works good, but i am planning to make another solutions that is better an looks better to.

I’ve built quite a few hand controllers for our ROV simulators. Below is my latest design. Yes, his price sounds about right. The industrial joysticks (depending which model you get) can cost over $500 for the pair.

Here’s an earlier design:


That looks really nice! I like it a lot. We’ve thought of doing similar things but haven’t done any testing with one to know if it would be better. I’d love to try this one.

By the way, this is posted on the public forum so this picture is publicly available right now. You can remove it if you’d prefer.


I like it, and that is just the type of controller I want for myself. Price seems okay for a low-production custom controller with industrial grade parts. That said it’s way out of budget for me, and I will be DIY something similar using like quality parts I have already scrounged from eBay over the last few months.

It would be great if something like this were made available commercially though!

Paul, would you mind sharing where you are sourcing your enclosures? That first one specifically. Thanks!

the control box looks very nice,I am looking forward to buy it!

It’s a pretty commonly used enclosure by Hammond Mfg. Compared to building an ROV, the topside control box is pretty easy. Most of our clients usually build their own or make do with an off the shelf joystick. The hardest part is milling / drilling the enclosure. The most expensive parts are the industrial joysticks. But the end result feels and operates much more professional.

Hammond 1455 Series? I looked at those and they are nice but the largest is 8.6 “x 6.5” and I am leaning more towards something about 11 x 8. Top contenders right now are a Pelican 1075 case, or a re-purposed CCTV desk controller. Perhaps I want too many gadgets and buttons. Will be using a pair of CH/Apem 3-axis sticks, which is what it looks like you are using as well…

I have more questions but once I get mine mocked up I will start a new thread for feedback…

Yup. I’ve done that too. :slight_smile:

Nice! Well I want that too, but this is the Pelican I meant. 11.11" x 7.92" x 1.63", might make a nice enclosure for a hand controller. They have smaller and larger ones also.

I’ve 3D printed this camera adapter for my Garmin VIRB elite. Nice camera not 4K but up to 16mp in full HD

Cannot wait to take some nice footage! Case is for 50 meters only but it’s ok for what i need at the moment… btw I’m still waiting for my schill spool since it’s coming from Germany it might take 3 to 4 weeks… at the moment have passed 2 only.

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