Power slipring for the Fathom spool

Hi guys,

Took me a while to figure it out but I finally came up with a design for a power slipring to install on the fathom spool.

This will be a straight swap with the fathom slipring and will have 6 passes capable of 10A each.

Combined with our 8mm power tether and surface power unit, it will be a great option for those who want to do away with the battery.

I am putting this in production this week and will post a video when ready.



Looks awesome.

Can you reveal any price to expect?


Hi Christian,

Thank you for the feedback.

I will provide pricing soon. Just waiting for a few quotes to come in.


It took a bloody long time to get here but everything fits perfectly.

The slipring side of the spool has a bearing and retaining rings.

This was custom designed specifically for the fathom spool and has seals.

Will test hopefully next Friday. Hopefully the signal is strong when the spool rotates.


Looking at selling for 350USD for the slipring kit. Provided that the test goes well.


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