Fathom tether spool slipring


Have anyone managed to design a slipring for the fathom spool that can be used subsea?


Hi @Jhans -
Such things exist, but are quite expensive and complicated! I’m not aware of a low cost option, but certainly wish one existed! O-ring Shaft Seals would be required, and these can be tricky to design and expensive to produce, from a machining tolerances perspective. This and relatively low demand are likely why affordable options are not common?

Check out Moflon. They won’t be super cheap but they are good quality as I have been advised by one of my old colleges.

A cheaper alternative is these 2A units. I’ve used these for a small home project and they work really well for the price. If you are only dealing with signals and small current power, these should work.

Hi @v8dave

Yeah i’m aware of these types, but they cannot be used submerged under water.

Hi @Jhans,

I’m not aware of anything specifically for the fathom spool, but this thread may be worth a look to see some alternative options and ideas people have considered :slight_smile: