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Slip ring rated speed


I’m planing to convert your fathom spool (which i already bought) from manual operated to autonomous.
Since i need to lower a vehicle, similar to an auv (until 30 meters depth) in the presence of high currents (max: 2.5 m/s), i was wondering if the fathom spool package would withstand the rotational speed needed (about 200 rpm), since this product was design to be manual operated.
I didn’t find that information elsewhere, so could you please give me the rated speed of fathom spool and of the the slip ring included in that package?

Much appreciated,

Hi @rookie_101,

The slip ring on its own is rated for operation at up to 250 RPM, but the limiting factor may be the x-ring sealed enclosure it sits in to make it waterproof. We did not intend the Fathom Spool for mechanized operation and have not tested the limits in this way, but I don’t see any reason why it would not work.