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New High Voltage Slip Ring for Fathom Spool

This is a drop-in replacement, high voltage (400V) slip ring for the Fathom Spools. The slip ring has (2) high voltage passes and (6) data passes (+4 more unused data passes). It requires no modifications and comes with the the approprate hardware to easily mount to the spool in minutes. Standard connectors are the 8-pin DIY wetmate connectors made by Suburban Marine which can be terminated to a tether/cable/deck-lead in 15 minutes or less. If you require a different connector, each end of the slip ring has 7/16th threads. (Basic specifications are below the pictures.)

Contact: jeff@blue-linked.com / 800-680-7071


Wow Jeff - nice!

Do these connectors and the seal on the slip ring itself now mean the tether spool could operate when fully submersed? If so, would you have an approximate depth rating? Maybe 50m?


Tony - Yes and no… The slip ring was designed with this in mind and that is why we chose a dynamic rotary seal that has factory rating of 1500psi. But, we have NOT tested this yet and probably won’t be testing it for a few months. The Baromax Connectors have a 10,000psi rating so no problem there.