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Slip ring question

First off, not sure if this is the correct subforum to ask this, so if I missed please move it to the appropriate one.

Now, on to the question.

Our bluerov2 is in dire need of a slip ring so the tether doesn’t have to be unwound by hand constantly while releasing or pulling it back in.

Moflon MSDi216 (http://www.ebay.com/itm/MSDi216-/121505004266?hash=item1c4a433aea) is the one we’re thinking of getting, but I just wanted to make sure first if that will be enough for HD video transmission. And if anyone has experiences with that particular slip ring, or suggestions for a better one if this one isn’t a quality piece.

Thank you

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I’m using a 6 wire version of that, I may need to upgrade to that one.

What type of cable reel are you guys using? Any pics?
Why would you need a HD coaxial slipring when your video is not taken from the data signal until you reach your surface box?

I’m using a Technec Jackreel F4. I’ve created some 3d printed insert pieces that allow someone to integrate the fathom X tether board into the back frame of the reel holder, and to internally mount the slipring so that you can rout the static lead back through the bearing shaft hollow space to the box. I haven’t published the files yet as there are a few pieces in the works that aren’t done yet ( the cable feed rollers, a USB / net / video cable management strain relief thingy, and a "piece that holds the end of your tether with the seacon micro-wetcon 8 pin quick disconnect and the cable anchor point (https://www.mcmaster.com/#catalog/123/890/=172x1ra)

You can see the pictures of it so far here:

Are you using the Fathom-X or Fathom-S Interfaces or a custom interface?

We’re using a modified garden hose reel, don’t have access to it right now. Could you elaborate a bit on your question/statement? I’m trying to understand what your point is, but can’t wrap my head around it.

We’re using a Fathom-X

Allen my question is the slipring you are proposing to use has a HD coaxial slipring which increases the cost of the slipring significantly. There isn’t a coax or screened pair in the tether. Using a coaxial slipring would be redundant wouldn’t it?

That’s a really good point I didn’t even think about, thanks for pointing it out.
Do you have a suggestion for a slipring which would be better suited for the bluerov2 with Fathom-X?

There are lots of models the same brand you were looking at but a lot cheaper with 8 circuits.

So something like: http://www.ebay.com/itm/slip-ring-with-capsules-12wires-2A-signal-MOFLONs-MC260-slip-rings-/111540126036?hash=item19f84f4154:g:qnMAAOxyOlhS9ffh should work right? And the video feed shouldn’t be affected?
I’m really outside my comfort zone here with the sliprings so all your help is really appreciated

Yes that model should be sufficient for your needs. Sliprings are only a means of transferring signal over a rotating unit. As long as there is no significant noise induced by the sliprings you will get out excactly what you put in. There shouldn’t be any degradation of video. Maximum speed is 250rpm, hand driven you may see 40 rpm. This is the type I will be using.

I’ll go and suggest that piece for purchase.

Thank you very much for taking the time to help me out :slight_smile:

We had custom made sliprings in China, with IP65 class.
If anyone is interested we offer them for sale, we have both 8 wire and 2 wire options.
We are currently using a 8 wire slipring with our BlueROV2 (fathom-X, only 2 wires in use), without any issues.

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How much for the 8 wire model? Do you have specs?

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I’m also interested in your IP65 slip ring… do tell more! :wink:

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Interested as well, please provide specs and pricing.

We’ve used the Moflon slip rings in some spool prototypes and they worked great for the Fathom-X connection through the tether. We used the simple, low-cost ones with 8-12 wires.

Stay tuned for more info on the spool! We’ve been working on the design for a loong time and we’re finally really happy with it.


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Sounds great Rusty. How long would you anticipate before you launch?

Todd - We’re shooting for May.

Anyone used any ethernet capable slip rings?