Reel with slip ring for Outland Technology Power Supply Tether

@Outland or other users,
We recently received our OTPS and successfully integrated it on the bench. Though the procurement process, we neglected to ask about tether storage configurations. We’d really like to store and operate the OTPS tether on a reel with a slip ring to help out with deck space when operating on small boats.

Understanding there are limitations with the amount of voltage that needs to run through the tether, are there any recommended options for storing and operating on a reel?

Hi Mike,
Sorry for the delay. We don’t have an off-the-shelf version that would work with the BR power supply system, but we could customize our reel to work.

Link to Outland Reel

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We have used the Outland reel many times for this - and just customised the connectors on the tether, chop the topside connector off and mould on connectors on both ends to match the Outland reel, has the advantage then that you can also just use a standard Outland ROV tether for the ROV (a handy advantage for those of us that also own Outland ROV’s)

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Thanks for the reply @Outland. I think we’re interested in what the customization would look like both in form, function and cost. Do you have any ideas of these off hand or a way to chat via email?
Thanks! Mike

@Bolli , cost to modify would not be a huge deal. It’d just be changing out connectors for mechanical mating. Shoot me an email and I’ll get you a quote. Thanks!