Finished, making a tether reel w/slip ring


Now is time to make a Tether reel w/slip ring,i have finished some parts of Tether reel.

Tether reel will be waterproof,thinking about to using Rotary Shaft Seals on the outside of Ball Bearings and use some Greases.
I use one Brass blueglobe cable glands IP 69K to get cable waterproof through the drum.
Had to make the nipple in aluminum because the drum is in aluminum,but the nut can be used(water will not get on the nut)
I need to have the slip ring in my lathe to remove the flange

Looks awesome :slight_smile: What’s the wall thickness on that aluminium tube?

Have not been home,so have not worked with tether reel.
The wall thickness is 5mm,but only 20mm on both sides,I have turned the rest down to 3mm.

I am now done with the tether reel,and is working very good.
Was not that hard to make a tether reel with slip ring.

Tether reel is complete waterproof,you can throw it out of water and still waterproof.

Tether reel cost me 400 dollar to make,this includes (Rotary Shaft Seals,Ball Bearings,slip ring,acetal plastic (POM),Stainless steel 316 tube,Aluminium tube and Various things.

Machining of parts is not included in the sum,i have done it myself sow is free.

Do not know how much it had cost if someone has done all the parts, probably it would not have been cheap.



Very nice!

I like it! So much detail. You need a handle if you dont already have one installed/

That’s very nicely done indeed!

It’s very well done! I want to make one myself and I was wondering if you could provide me with your STL files?

Have not made a crank handle,because there is no need for it,works fine without.:grinning:

I dont have any STL files to this tether reel,i have use Apire Vectric 9 and Aspire use crv3d file and not STL files.

Perfect…any plans of electric powered…or is it allready?.. need one of theese ;)…later Two :wink: Very nice work :wink: Er du Norsk? :wink:

Great looking reel. What slip ring did you use?


To ChristianROV eg snakker norsk :grinning:

I use this one MSC-22-1205A from

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Very nice, what is the diameter of the drum?

Diameter of the drum is 160mm


Really nice. I like how you made your little bracket on the side to support the deck cable.

Knall jobb da…så hvor holder du til da?

…og hva måtte du ut med for sleperings “holderen”? …me need :wink: