Tether, base station, and related upgrades

Been working to upgrade our tether for the SEA CON connector as well as tether top side connector for reel and slip ring. Few pics of the progress so far.


Used @piercet mold for the potting. Worked great. Printed in pla and sprayed with mold release. Popped off with a bit of prying but came off clean.


hey @schoonerlabs

This is nice work!! is it a 8pin socket?

Btw are you going to use bulkhead on the BR electronics enclosure? or pigtail?
Do you have items list?


It’s the 8 pin bulkhead connector. Just drilled it out. The aluminum plate is really too thin to tap due to the way the bulkhead is not threaded all the way. Seemed cleaner and safer to just use a nut like the BR penatrators.

Planning to do a blog post and list all the parts used once it is complete.

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Hey Mark!

Lately I saw the bulkhead in one of the pictures!

Thanks for replying.

Nice work, Mark, this looks awesome! Very impressed with the final appearance, especially with the yellow heatshrink!

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Thanks. Came out better than I expected. The heat shrink really finished it off and should help protect the cast resin.

Just finished off the tether reel case mounting complete with slip ring and quick disconnects for rov and top side. Housed in Nanuk 960 wheel case. Complete with custom BR laser engraved and cut reel cover plate.


Did you wince when you cut a hole in it?

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Hehe no not really. Case had a few holes before as we had the tether wrap mounted on the cover before so repurposing it again. Use to be one of our uav gear cases before that. Being a Nanuk reseller helps too :slightly_smiling_face:

Very cool! Would you by chance be willing to allow me to put those pictures up on the Thingiverse page with credit to you? I lost most of my pictures from my mold setup.

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Sure feel free. Thanks again for creating the mold.

You’re welcome! Potting jacket for an 8mm to 10mm or 8 mm to 8mm inline cable splice by piercet - Thingiverse now has your images in it (the ones specific to the mold and that section of the cable preparation at least), with a credit to you in the description. When you get a chance please take a look and let me know if you want it worded differently or anything. Thank you for agreeing to let me use those.

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Looks good to me.

Work beginning on the ROV base station. Nanuk 925 case with custom laser cut and engraved acrylic opening panel. Bottom will house tether interface boards, Lipo battery power, voltage converter, and storage for controller and other gear.


Modified the case to add a power switch and voltage display.

Looks good!

I personally dont put heat shrink around the bundle of wires, since you risk to trap compressable air and since I want the scotch cast to grib on to the wires and fill the gap between them.

How much infill did you do in the 3D print?

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I injected epoxy into the heat shrink as well.

20% infill I believe it was.

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Added rails to the top of the tether case to mount the BlueROV2 for secure storage and transport.


Hey @schoonerlabs

I`ve noticed on this photo


You`ve set the wrong connector on the female pigtail. and then you corrected it like this

I`ve also did the same mistake my question is how did you corrected it after the splice was done?