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SubConn connectors

I am looking into converting to a tether disconnect. I would like to know if using a standard MCBH8M/F with MCIL8M/F would have any effect on data transfer speeds. I see that SubConn do ethernet series so was not sure if these would be best suited with tether being a CAT5 cable.

I have posted both as currently still operating with batteries so Female BH on the ROV is what id be installing then if upgrading to topside supply i of corse would swap the female BH for male.

Hi Davie,

That is exactly the setup I have and I had issues with both speed and reliability (sometimes it did not work at all). Had the opportunity to get the whole tether tested by experts and there were multiple issues from bad transfer speeds to impedance variations making the whole system unreliable, mainly because the joint twisted pairs to subconn straight cables. If you want this setup (which I highly recommend), you must use the Fathom-X Interface. With that, it works like charm.

Best, J

Hi Josef,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I am currently using the fathom x tether so that’s good to hear.

Can you share what your download/upload speeds you have with your current set up?


I had both up and down speeds above 80 which on 100m tether i believe is close to max.

You say that you use the fathom x tether? you mean interface right?

Correct yes, I didn’t word that correctly.

Well that is great to know so I will go ahead and try it.

Just trying to find the right sized mould for my potting. I hate those over sized moulds if I’m honest. I Would be using a slim syringe slim enough that the locking caps can still run over the top. As I want the mould as close to the pod as possible.

As seen below but I will try and not have it protrude as much.

I know what you mean. I did a simple mold and used pu. Its pretty flexible, could probably get away with smaller as well.

Nice work I like it, specially in yellow :+1:.

Thanks so much for sharing this with me it’s been most helpful and I appreciate it thank you.


Hey Davie, what are you using for your tether strain relief system. I looked into cable pull socks, but was quoted $200 to get one in stainless shipped to the USA. Thanks!

Hi Ian

Il be using a Chinese finger or as some call a Kellems grip.

We purchased 2 of these and they were £20 each here in the U.K.


I have fabricated a rear bar to use as a anchor point.

As Davie says, chinese works just fine. Mine was 12 €.

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We sell a cat 5 MCBH8F & M with an M10 thread in black anodized aluminium. We also sell the Cat 5 MCIL8M & F cables.