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Tether, base station, and related upgrades

(Mark Langille) #21

Actually no, it’s two different ends of the tether - ROV side has the SECON, reel topside end has a quick connector.

(Luis Gamez) #22

I understand @schoonerlabs just for my information are these conectors are to avoid water ingress or only to avoid any disconnection from pulling the tether? IDK if i should test it in the pool with the wrong connector settings as i cannot use the connector thread to lock it…

(Mark Langille) #23

The SEA CON connectors are made for underwater use, rated for wet connect. The other connectors we use are watertight but cheap Ebay ones so surface only in our case.

They are not meant to take the load of the tether pull. We still bridle the tether to the ROV for strain relief, hence the tether thimble.

(Luis Gamez) #24

Correct @schoonerlabs Im using the same sea con male bulkhead female pigtail but unfortunately i settled the wrong locking sleeve on the female pigtail instead of setting the female sleeve to lock with the male thread of the bulkhead i settled the male sleeve.

So my question was if it was possible to use it with out locking sleeves at all? maybe only for testing until i receive another split scotchcast?

(Mark Langille) #25

The locking sleeve really just holds it in place so I think you should be fine with it just pushed on.
It is wet connect rated so I think it should be ok. I don’t think the sleeve provides any level of waterproofing.


The locking sleeve is removable, by taking out the little spring-steel-ring

(Mark Slayton) #27

Mark, are you seeing much galvanic corrosion between the brass MCBH8M bulkhead connector, and the 4" aluminum bulkhead? The connector should eat the aluminum over time, but the anodizing on the aluminum may prevent some of this.

I just ordered the same setup (but reversed in gender (male on the cable and female for the bulkhead)). I might try tapping the bulkhead for the connector threads. The drill for the tap is supposed to be 9.90 mm, and the hole in the bulkhead is 10.2 mm on the drawing. It is probably close enough.

My reason for tapping it, is so that the connector remains perfectly centered, I am afraid that I would botch drilling a standard hole by hand, and don’t want to completely depopulate the bulkhead to put it on a drill press.

(Mark Langille) #28

Only have done a few tests so nothing to note really. Not had much use.

(Eloi Droniou) #29

Hi Mark,

Your setup looks great.

You said you were “planning to do a blog post and list all the parts used once it is complete”. Have you done it or still planning to do it?


(Mark Langille) #30

No I didn’t yet sorry.

(Etienne Demers) #31

Hello Mark,

Well done.

With regards to molding. If you buy a 3m kit it comes with a mold and you are supposed to leave it on as taking it off delaminates the cable against the potting.

Also, as it was mentioned, us as little as possible of heatshrink inside the potted area.

I also put the potted area inside the ROV against the battery housing to minimize drag and wear.

My 2 cents worth anyway :wink: