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300m tether build on gardena spool

(vectrino.hr) #1

300m spool, slip ring, build under 150$

(Tim Pierce) #2

That turned out nice!

(Rusty) #3

Nice! I like it. The laptop mount is very handy.

(vectrino.hr) #4

Thx. We needed solution… and developed it.

(vectrino.hr) #5

Yes. RAM mount. Absolutely best product on the market.

(vectrino.hr) #6

We organized everything so it can be easily mounted on our working raft…

(Kevin) #7

Nice raft! That looks like a good expedition boat!

(vectrino.hr) #8

:joy::joy::joy: We call it raft…

Other is called boat …

But ASAP we need cabin :joy::joy::joy:

(Tim Pierce) #9

That makes me think of a slightly tangentially related question. Whats the best way to secure a tether spool to a boat? How often is the ROV pulling on the tether to the point you would be worried about it going in the drink? Would a big side mounted suction cup work for most hulls? What about usage from a dock? I’m thinking some sort of side clamp mount with various accessories (maybe a ground anchor spike, dock “T” shaped slot anchor, suction cup, cable anchor cleet of some sort , magnet, etc. )

(vectrino.hr) #10

Tim good point…
Whatever you do it should be properly anchored to a boat.

(Gwa Gwa) #11

That looks fantastic. Would you mind sharing details on the slip ring?

(vectrino.hr) #12


Yes of course

(Pierre Vella-Zarb) #13

The solution looks great!

It looks like you are using CAT-5 cable. How did you manage to get neutral buoyancy? And is there any compression issue at depth?