Fathom spool slipring and flange

We are designing and spool for a 1000m of tether (ethernet yellow neutrally buoyant). We have the specifications for the binder connector slipring, but not for the internal metallic part that is connected to the tether inside the spool (see screen capture).
Is possible buy just thos part at Blue robotics? are the CAD draw available for this part.
Many thanks in advance.

Hi @axa.molina-ramirez, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

It’s not on our store, but you could contact sales@bluerobotics.com to ask whether it’s possible to get that part separately.

Solid019 in the TMS-ASM-KIT-L-R2 (Large Size) model (from the Technical Details on our Fathom Spool product page) seems to be reasonably complete: