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My build with some minor adjustments

(Svein H.) #22

Think you Will loose a lot of the downview perspective from the HD cam with this setup. Think it would be better to have it pulled into the frame. I like to see that you have used threaded rods on the enclosures :blush::+1:

(undersearobotics.com) #23

I posted some tips on how to build your own topside controller on our website:

(Luis Gamez) #24

Hey @SHS

That was totally correct now im designing camera mount behind the frame. Thanks for the threaded rods tip ;D

Luis Gamez

(Svein H.) #25

Here is a few pictures of my new controlbox. I am really happy with it and the BR2 is even more stabile to operate instead of using the gamepad. I developed this together with a local tech i Norway. One of the thing i like most with it is to be able to control the camera on top of the stick. It is not a “lowcost” project, but you will get what you pay for i guess…

(Roger fabian diaz villagra) #26

Me podriqs enviar uno a chile que sea compatible con el blue rov 2

(Svein H.) #27

I dont understand your laungage, but this controller is made specific for the BlueROV2.

(Luis Gamez) #28

hey @shs

Do you have a link for those buttons, I´ve been trying to find something similar please.


(Svein H.) #29

Sorry, i dont have that.

(Svein H.) #30

Ordered the kit two days ago and installed it today in Norway. the installation was a straight forward easy job. Have not tested it in the water yet, but that will be the task for tomorrow.

(CSKY Solutions) #31

Can you share what type of slipring you are using?
If possible please include the web page.
Thanks Fazd

(Svein H.) #32

Hi @Fazdli
i have used this one, but think many other does the job as well.

Good luck with building e tether reel.

(Svein H.) #33

Did a upgrade on the sonar side today. This is a Sonavision mercury from UK.
To compensate on lost bouancy i replaced the battery enclosure with a longer and will propebly have to move some weights to the other side. This is a nice way to use the trusterholes if you have upgraded it.

(Rusty) #34

Svein, cool! That’s an awesome approach to integrating the sonar. We’re playing around with some similar ideas to be able to put a scanning sonar in one of the front fairings and compensating for the lost buoyancy. I’m curious to know how the sonar work at that height. I think the beam might be tall enough to get a bit of a reflection from the right side panel of the ROV.

(CSKY Solutions) #35

Nice set up.

(Svein H.) #36

Just want to show the new machined buoyancy foam compared to the old one. Have not tested if the stability has been increased, but i assume it has.