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UK Travel Case recommendations

Hi all,

We are looking at upgrading our travel cases for our Blue ROV (and our fleet of other, smaller ROVs). At the minute we are just using plastic travel boxes from B&Q, does anybody in the UK have any place/website that they would recommend from? One case for the Blue ROV + accessories and one case for the tether is what we are working with currently.


Hi @Slee, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure about UK-specific setups, but I did a quick forum search for “case”, and the following threads are likely relevant to get an idea of what others are using:


We ordered from these guys they shipped relatively quick and we’re great price.

We ordered 2 as we’re running with Heavy lift so not quite enough space for both ROV and reel.

It’s bit more of a stretch in terms of cos but well worth it in the long run for the kit.


Thanks Davie

Thanks Eliot! I’ll check them out

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Greetings All,

We just setup a Pelican 0370 cube case for our project. This would be too tall for a standard BlueROV, but we have extended side panels and a payload skid installed. I cut each layer of the pluck and fit foam, sprayed with plastidip to seal them, then used some spray paint for colors. Each layer was then glued together to form a single unit.


That looks great Ian! Do you have a separate case for additions such as sonar, grabber, umbilical’s etc?

Just to show you how ours look


Thanks Davie, I’m getting some great inspiration from those!