Case for BlueRov2

Hi guys,

I am looking for a hard transport case for the BlueRov2 i was thinking about this one

Dimensions are 21.78" x 16.69" x 10.62" Perfect space for the ROV but no space for tether, batteries and charger.

or this one

dimensions are Interior: 25.65 x 19.5 x 13.1

As you can see second one is much bigger than the first one so im afraid that the ROV will be so loose, anyways I will carry 150 meters of tether too.

so which one do you guys think is the best?

Show your cases!

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I grabbed a used pelican 1620{creative}%2C{keyword}&gclid=Cj0KCQjwnazLBRDxARIsAECdauuu1HIQZoiXh63LP_vBd2bjCzVQ7otPwpm3YIlT63Mua1NbdT7mwdIaAiUvEALw_wcB&is=REG&m=Y&sku=179087
Since I have the longer arm sticking out the front of my ROV I needed a bit longer case than you might otherwise need for one.

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I’ve been using these from MCM. Good quality and a fraction of the cost of Pelican cases.

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Thanks for the info @piercet

its better to have a bigger case just in case.

Thanks @paul-unterweiser

I am pretty sure you got this one?

Yes, that’s the one. Fits the BlueROV2 (without tether) perfectly. You can either add a tether disconnect at the ROV or cut a small “slot” in the case for the tether to pass through.

For a lighter weight solution, I recently used a standard RubberMaid ActionPacker with the BlueROV2 inside, wrapped in 3 pieces of cut-up foam camping pad. It went through airline checked baggage just fine. As a bonus, you can sit on the foam if you need a soft seat.


The Nanuk 950 just fits the ROV without the tether. I found a deal where I got the padded dividers essentially for free, and cut everything out except the edges. I also had to cut recesses into the lid foam. The result is a snug fit suitable for air transport.

The downside is that the tether needs to be transported separately.

Hey @skcolb

Thanks man! seems great and cheap!.

Hey @carlchatfield

I just took a look on that Nanuk 950 and seems great! but I think is a little more expensive that the ones i just proposed, for example the Seahorse is 220 USD with much space for the BlueRov and the tether inside.

I bought a pelicase 1660. It’s really confortable for the ROV, spare equipment, tools and laptop. It may contains everything you need for on board mission, excluding the umbilical.

first floor: tools, battery charger, secondary battery, skid,

second floor: spare can containing optional foam, box with spare parts.

third floor: ROV, Laptop, Logbook, bench cables, controller and spare parts.

closed plus umbilical.

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Wow @DPsea

That case is amazing and I believe i need something like that, Thanks for sharing!

Happy to hear you found it interesting!
The only problem is that it is quite expensive, in Europe you may find it new for 450 euro and used for the half price. Yet it is lifetimie guarantee and if damaged they change it for a new one…

Hey bro Long time for this post but I have a question for you, do you have a tether disconnect or did you make a hole on your box?

My tether may be disconnected. See the forum on that topic and you’ll see my solution for that

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After years of using them, we still love the Seahorse SE1220 case for the Blue ROV2 (6 or 8 thruster) and the 150m Fathom TMS. Some places sell closed cell foam inserts as an option and we use a template to make the cutouts. Lately, we’ve been adding an SE920 case to both our Lanai and prebuilt BlueROV2 systems for tools, spares, and batteries. We find adding the extra case makes up for the savings in lost parts or loose tools bouncing around the ROV.

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