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Topside set up (Peli Case Conversion)

Hi everyone

I’m absolutely brand new here to this forum.

I would just like to put it to you if anyone has transformed a peli case for all topside equipment.

I have seen pictures online of similar set ups. I wanted to integrate a

  • Quality hi res screen
  • Windows based NUC Computer to run software, - Lenovo yogabook (laptop/tablet) for Sonar.
  • portable power supply to supply power to all above and additional items.
  • Battery charger
  • FXTI box

Would love to know other user set ups and ideas as what specs would be a good fit regarding the NUC. Also if anyone is or has ran with a portable power supply and would highly recommend them.


Here’s my setup:
Case: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B088G1B42K
2nd Monitor (for Ping Viewers): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07ZPMYJRM
External battery: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07T8XSWFN

My laptop is a 120 watt MSI gaming laptop that sucks batteries, so I can get about 2 hours with that external battery. The monitor is attached to the case lid by some heavy-duty double-sided tape. I have a heavy moving blanket that I cover everything with to block the sunlight, and sometimes also wind or light rain. I can carry everything in 2 trips, so it’s easily portable.

btrue, thanks for your input loving the set up. Just what I’m after to be honest.

Could I just ask how your running the sonar image to an external laptop, Router between Pi and fxti?

I will be setting up our new BlueRov2 this week and just making notes as to what we need.


@Davie260563 No, FXTI is plugged into the laptop using USB and then I use QGroundControl to control the ROV and 2 open Ping Viewer windows to view each of the sonars.