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Topside control setup

Hi everyone,

I am very interested in building my own topside control station within a Peli 1500 case. I hope to gain some valuable feedback from anyone that has already done this or could help guide me.

Below are some examples of what I’m trying to achieve/would like to do, so I hope they don’t mind me posting these pictures.

I would like the capability of powering up my topside setup without the need for an external supply however id also like to have both AC & DC options available so I could toggle between both if need be.

Some of the works carried out below I’m familiar with but not all and that’s where id like your help. I am not 100% as to what I need in order to complete such a project.

Thank you.

Do you want full out with internal batteries and controller, or were you planning to use the external game controller?

Any thoughts on water resistance? If you skip that it does not need to be waterproof it makes life quite much easier in terms of monitor choice and assembly.


Thanks for commenting, I am not using a standard gaming controller, we are using the HCU supplied from Delta ROV but still connected via USB.

I wouldn’t say it has to be fully watertight however to be splash proof would make huge difference. Just for transiting and for those hard to reach jobs we’re we can’t use our van. We will always be covered from the elements of the weather In any case.

Look forward to your reply.