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Topside laptop peli 1500 conversion

Hi everyone

I’d super appreciate some feedback on a topside peli case conversion for topside equipment.

I don’t know about you but I still seem to be carrying round way too much to sites and wanted to run an idea/project by you all.

So after much deliberation on which case to go for i decided on the Peli1500. I was also undecided on what connectors/connections to have integrated. We use the 288Wh Allpower portable power station which imo is fantastic it does what we need it to do but only problem is I don’t like having so much equipment spread out and I’d like to make my set up more compact.

My plan is to strip down the allpower portable power station and use most of its functions to my topside panel. How cool would the top panel look with real time LCD, switch between AC & DC supplies, LED lights, Anderson connection to have the ability to charge devices via solar panel, wireless charging capabilities and Bluetooth so you control all outputs via your smart device.

Having all this integrated as well as the internals of the FXTI and have the binder 770 connector for plug and play ops.

I am aware there will most likely be issues with my idea and it most likely won’t be as simple as I’ve laid out above but would love to hear if anyone has done something similar or if they have comments or suggestions.


Hi @Davie260563,

Seems like a useful project to integrate a few of your topside components :slight_smile:

My main concerns with something like this would be:

  • electrical safety (have you worked with high voltage electronics before?)
  • ventilation (you’ll want some way to keep the electronics and batteries cool - hence the cooling vents and fan in that are in the power station design you’re planning to take apart
  • electrical noise (try to keep the fathom-X and other low-voltage electronics and communication cables away from the power supply side of things where possible)

If you’re able to share more info on the design and included components as you progress we can try to give some more feedback and suggestions :slight_smile:

Are you thinking you’ll have a computer, keyboard, and monitor built in like @etienne’s Surface Control Unit, or are you thinking you’ll be using it to power a laptop, like what’s done with the Outland Technology Power Supply? Will your tether also be in the box? Lots of interesting potential avenues depending on your use-case :slight_smile:

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Hi Elliot,

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on this I really do appreciate it.

To answer some of your questions:-

  • electrical safety (have you worked with high voltage electronics before?)
    Yes, I am trained and certified regarding HV, I’ve been working with 3Kv ROV systems for the last 9yrs. I also hold HND in electronic and electrical engineering, and currently working towards a diploma in Mechatronics.

  • electrical noise (try to keep the fathom-X and other low-voltage electronics and communication cables away from the power supply side of things where possible)
    Good shout, I will bear this in mind and add this to my notes.

I plan to just include a means of power and telemetry to the ROV. I won’t be installing any keyboards or inbuilt screens. We have the Dell Latitude 7424 fully-rugged" laptop and it sits nicely in on the case but is too big for peli1500 to be stored in. I plan to instal a removable/elevated platform for the laptop to sit on during operations. So yeah more like the design of the outland.
I will strip down the fxti box and use the Binder 770 bulkhead connector and install this on the side rather than within the panel as I’m not a fan of the tether connection being in the vertical position also I can close the lid if I chose to.

I really wish I had both the case and portable power station with me but unfortunately not and I’m currently in Drammen (Norway) confined to the vessel only due to covid etc. Once I return to UK I will make a start hopefully to update further on this.

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No worries - good ideas thrive with attention :slight_smile:

Very glad you’ve got some relevant electrical training and experience :slight_smile:
Always scary when people are playing with HV without knowing what they’re doing - we’re trying to grow the underwater robotics community, not shrink it…

Just confirming, is this “means of power” (for topside electronics) and “telemetry to the ROV”, or are you trying to supply power to the ROV from the topside? I’m assuming the former, but if it does happen to be the latter then your system is likely quite underpowered, and there are some missing/undiscussed components with respect to power transfer and conversion down to usable voltage levels within the ROV. If it’s relevant/you happen to be interested, there’s a relatively in-depth breakdown of power transfer requirements to the ROV and conversion efficiencies in this comment.

Nice! I wonder whether it’s worth making the platform retractable, so it sits at the desired height when in use, and then slides down flat when you want to pack away the box :slight_smile:

Seems reasonable :slight_smile:
If it’s liable to being kicked or knocked it may be worth including some kind of protective cylinder or something around the connector to help prevent accidental (and potentially damaging) disconnections.

Keen for updates and to see where you take this design process, hope you’re able to return safely soon :slight_smile:

Good morning Elliot,

Haha yes I will have to agree with you on this one :laughing:

Yes correct it’s only to supply power for likes of laptop and other topside equipment and of course to add some luxury features. In time maybe il look into surface supplied equipment but not yet. But I do plan to enhance its dive time adding a 2nd battery in coming months but I will follow that up on a separate topic.

I’m not 100% but I do like that idea and did see this a while back which perked my interest. Obviously minus the additional screen which is not a bad thing as I may add this feature for sonar or rear cam.

Yes exactly again I was thinking of adding somthing like this.

It should be an interesting project but one I’m keen to start.

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