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SCU + BR2 heavy + HCU setup

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share our latest build:

A few cool upgrades from the last revision such as:

  • Bender GFI
  • 110/220VAC selectable input
  • Better cooling fans for base and lid with independent trigger
  • Headset jack
  • Speakers

Here is the video: Demonstration of SCU (Surface Control Unit) - YouTube


That is so awesome looking. I could only dream of having a system like this. Very nice work.


Thank you Dan. A lot of effort as been put into it. Its missing the Fathom Spool with my power slipring for a complete kit. This client didn’t want it.

How much would the entire system you show in the YouTube video, including the ROV cost if I were to buy this from you. I am looking to get funding to buy a professional system to do Search and Recovery, and I need to know how much to put into my request.

If you would prefer to keep this discussion more private, please send me an email at DMechuta@gmail.com.

Please include any and all optional additions also.

Dan M.

This may be a dumb question, but in the video you show your input VAC and 317 VDC output. What is this high amount of DC voltage needed for?


Hi Dan, I sent you an email.

The higher the voltage for a given distance, the smaller the tether.