BlueROV2 Topside


We finally finished our own BR2 Topside. Ready to go out and explore the underwater world now!

General features:

  • 3 USB 2.0

  • 1 USB 3.0

  • 1 DHMI

  • 1 Ethernet

  • Dc Power and Battery Power select able

  • Two cooling fans mounted on sides.

  • Switch for turning ROV Communication on and off

  • 15.6 inch Screen

This is the first draft design,please leave some suggestions for upgrading. it will be great to have some new ideas.


Best Regards



Hi Chengchang,

Could you tell us more about:
What DC supply you use?
The length and cable used?



Hi Jules,

Thanks for the comment.

I used a 220Vac to 12Vdc 5A adapter for external DC power supply to the Topside.

Please see the picture below:



Looks great! Is that on off-the-shelf PC you have put in there? Or did you build it yourself?

Hello Marcus,


It is basically a mini PC, I brought it online.
I had removed the housing of the Mini PC, only mounted the main PC board into the Box, well it saved a lot of space to me.

The Mini PC looks like this:(19.7cm19.7cm3.5cm)



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That mini PC looks cool! any more details about it?

How did you mount the screen?

Nice topside arrangement!


Hi Luis,

You can check this link for the detailed information of the Mini PC:

If the link does not work, i am sure you can find similar one on the ebay and amazon.

For the screen, i had some PVC blocks mounted inside the cap (by using 502 glue), each PVC block has a threaded holl on it, the monitor was placed on the center of the cap with 6 PVC blocks around and some soft foam blocks supporting on the back, so when i finally place the aluminum cover on, i can kind of push the monitor in a little bit then fix the cover by using 6 screws. Since the monitor was compressed between the foam blocks and the aluminum cover, so it it solidly fixed.

I should have taken some pictures.



Hi Chang

Looks like you got a 24000mAh battery in there? … how much time can you get out of a single charge?
System looks great buddy.
Keep it up.


Thanks Matt,

I have roughly tested the running time after a full battery charge, it is about 5 hours.

It depends on how much background apps running on the mini PC, the PC consumes the power most.

I believe the running time of the Topside will longer than BR2 anyway, so i am ok with it as long as it can run over 2 hours. And i can plug external Dc power on once the battery died.



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