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BlueROV2 Topside

(chengchang) #1


We finally finished our own BR2 Topside. Ready to go out and explore the underwater world now!

General features:

  • 3 USB 2.0

  • 1 USB 3.0

  • 1 DHMI

  • 1 Ethernet

  • Dc Power and Battery Power select able

  • Two cooling fans mounted on sides.

  • Switch for turning ROV Communication on and off

  • 15.6 inch Screen

This is the first draft design,please leave some suggestions for upgrading. it will be great to have some new ideas.


Best Regards


(achat) #2

Hi Chengchang,

Could you tell us more about:
What DC supply you use?
The length and cable used?



(chengchang) #3

Hi Jules,

Thanks for the comment.

I used a 220Vac to 12Vdc 5A adapter for external DC power supply to the Topside.

Please see the picture below:



(Marcus) #4

Looks great! Is that on off-the-shelf PC you have put in there? Or did you build it yourself?

(chengchang) #5

Hello Marcus,


It is basically a mini PC, I brought it online.
I had removed the housing of the Mini PC, only mounted the main PC board into the Box, well it saved a lot of space to me.

The Mini PC looks like this:(19.7cm19.7cm3.5cm)



(Luis Gamez) #6

That mini PC looks cool! any more details about it?

How did you mount the screen?

Nice topside arrangement!


(chengchang) #7

Hi Luis,

You can check this link for the detailed information of the Mini PC:

If the link does not work, i am sure you can find similar one on the ebay and amazon.

For the screen, i had some PVC blocks mounted inside the cap (by using 502 glue), each PVC block has a threaded holl on it, the monitor was placed on the center of the cap with 6 PVC blocks around and some soft foam blocks supporting on the back, so when i finally place the aluminum cover on, i can kind of push the monitor in a little bit then fix the cover by using 6 screws. Since the monitor was compressed between the foam blocks and the aluminum cover, so it it solidly fixed.

I should have taken some pictures.



(Matt) #8

Hi Chang

Looks like you got a 24000mAh battery in there? … how much time can you get out of a single charge?
System looks great buddy.
Keep it up.


(chengchang) #9

Thanks Matt,

I have roughly tested the running time after a full battery charge, it is about 5 hours.

It depends on how much background apps running on the mini PC, the PC consumes the power most.

I believe the running time of the Topside will longer than BR2 anyway, so i am ok with it as long as it can run over 2 hours. And i can plug external Dc power on once the battery died.