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Hi Im Christian ..Pro ROV pilot and Diver.. 100 questions.. anyone up for it?;)

(Christian) #1

Hi im new here and i have a Buuunch of questions… im an Professional ROV pilot and a Diver and im courious about this and wonder if its possible to make this a fullworthy inspection class rov?..Feks controllers… cant use the x boxers … need 3 axes controller and 1 ax control for all axes… pluss potmetre for trusters for stabillity… Possible? … Overhead…Possible to design ourself?.. like Easy?..im NO computer guy…i just know what works subsea;) …any tips , any one?:wink:

(undersearobotics.com) #2

Hi Christian, welcome aboard. :wink: You’re in good compnay, there are a few other veteran ROV pilots here. The short answer to your question is, yes, you can build the BlueROV2 to do just about anything you might think of for an ROV this size. Check out some of Etienne’s threads: