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Powering the BlueROV2 from topside?

Hi guys.

Just started looking into the ROV world. Completely new on this forum and in ROVs in general.

A colleague of mine has invested a lot of money into the VideoRay Pro 4, which on the topside (Dry side or controlling side) looks quite OK, fitting inside a Pelicase and runs power + video through the yellow cable.

But then for me personally I thought… “WTF is this video quality” on this expensive setup. My colleague is an experienced ROV operator and have used his setup professionally for real life tasks inspecting ocean wind-mill foundations. I already knew about the BlueROV2, but didnt know about specs and everything, until today where I noticed the BlueROV runs on battery power.

Is something being done into perhaps changing the BlueROV2 to run power + video through the same cable? Id really love to use the BlueROV2 professionally in the future (Since I cannot afford a VideoRay4 with different equipment lol), also I’m the marine IT- and tech guy on this research vessel playing around (Developing) with live fish-trawl filming systems in 1080p60 and Arduino programming etc… I dont mind the more nerdy DIY tech-approach to the BlueROV compared to the VideoRay which I guess is more Plug-N-Play oriented for the non tech-savvy.

I hope the above could come true someday. 2-4 hours seems like a short run-time for my goals.

Sorry about the writing. English is not my main language.


Christian - When you get a free minute or two, have a look at the commercial topside power solution we posted earlier this month.

Hello Jeff.

Yes, thanks a lot for posting the link - found your website yesterday aswell.

Looks amazing. Do you know if its possible to get your solution shipped on a brand new BlueROV2 to Denmark? (Yes, Denmark is placed in the northern part of something called Europe haha - just kidding). - Or perhaps just the power supply alone which I can integrate myself?

I know the Danish company called “EIVA” sells the BlueROV2 along with the VideoRay, I’ll try and get in contact with those aswell, but I somehow doubt they know about your power supply.


Thanks Christian. Yes, we can ship to Denmark.

EIVA are good people. I’ve met a few of them over the years…but not sure if they’re aware of our power solution.

(PS - Just sent you an off-forum message…)

Hello Christian,

I offer various options for surface power.

Check it out on my website: www.deltarov.com


A few people have been asking about our SPU-500 ROV power unit size…
The “bottle” is an aluminum tube with the exact same diameter dimensions as the Blue Robotics 3" battery enclosure but just a lot shorter!! The complete ROV power unit comes in at just over 4".

Hi Christian,

I recently compared various options available for a potential expansion of our work.
On top of Blue Link and DeltaROV there is also JM Robotics in Norway.


I leave you to compare technical specifications and prices regarding your own requirements.

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