Am interested in the vehicle and would like further clarification on power supply for accessories such as sonar. Please also clarify telemetry and available channels.



If you’re asking about the BlueROV2 and/or using the Fathom-S or Fathom-X boards, I can probably help. I’ve built an early release version of the BlueROV2 with the Fathom-S boards. One feature of the Fathom-S boards is that you can free up a single twisted pair (of the 4 twisted pairs used in the tether) for use by other things, such as a sonar. I have an Imagenex model 852 sonar that uses RS-485 and requires 24 vdc for power, so in order to use it with the Fathom-S boards and BlueROV2 you will need an RS-485 to USB converter (on the topside) and 24 vdc regulator (in the ROV to convert the onboard voltage).

I’ve been able to successfully get everything to work on the bench but other projects have kept me from completing the project. The main thing I have yet to do is to build a mount to hold the sonar to the ROV’s frame. Hopefully I’ll have time to do that soon.

That’s great, thanks for the helpful response.