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Looking for decent laptops for our three systems, rugged or similar, with HDMI output for external DVCR

Can anyone suggest a great laptop to use with the Bluerov2 that is rugged and has HDMI output for external DVCR

In my experience, nothing is as good as a Panasonic toughbook for daylight visibility, ruggedness and battery life. They are expensive to buy new, but you can get a used one on eBay for next to nothing.

Hi Roger,

I haven’t looked into ruggedised laptop options much, but I recently added to the following thread, which discusses laptops for the BlueROV2 more generally:

Hopefully there’s some information in there that’s helpful to you :slight_smile:

Hi Roger,

Not really a laptop, but this is ours in a 1450 Pelican case (42x33x17cm)

Its got a 1000 nit 10" monitor, i5 processor with built-in graphics card, HDMI out, ethernet switch, USB inputs built into the panel. This one is adapted for tow camera use (so doesn’t need a gamepad) hence the dimmer switch is incorporated into the panel. Power via AC supply or 12V cigarette socket.
The CPU is more than adequate, it runs/records a 4K camera within QGC at about 10% CPU load and 20% GPU load.

The PC is controlled using a bluetooth wireless mini keyboard/touchpad.

The enclosure is for storing power cables, gamepad, keyboard etc.


Hi Everyone, we went with a high grade Laptop for now and all three systems now built. First job coming up soon for these little belters, so will let you know how it goes.
These three are in addition to the two XLX, one Quasar, one Comanche, Five Cougars, 2 Tigers and 2 Falcons. if any of you want to look at bigger ROVs go on to our website