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My friends at SeaView Systems

My friends at SeaView Systems are coming out with a few products for our BlueROV2’s, 4K ultra-high definition (UHD) camera with a 3X zoom lens enclosed in a watertight bottle installed on a modular skid designed for your BlueROV2 with GB Ethernet and fiber just for starters. Check them out, chatted with Geoff Cook this morning and they will be releasing a new board for a better top side control unit as well.


They are very cool guys with some very cool projects!

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Very true Jacob, been my privilege to work with them on a few projects, Matt and Geoff are true innovators. Glad they are running with your product.


Very nice product. Can we directly switch from the existing camera to this one into the main enclosure in order to avoid to add a new bottle and skid?